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About Us

Competitive prices
When you get a spare parts, cars accessories and gadgets from us, you have our guarantee and assurance that the quote we provide will be in line with current market value.
Customer services
We have extremely professional yet friendly customer service department. They guide the clients about each and every detail and phase from choosing the Parts to delivery
We have employed skilled labor that knows every aspect of cars spare parts and accessories. To keep them updated with new trends we arrange workshops for them.
Helps you to find your next car easily

Revus Values & Features

Colourful Rich Limited is a one of the most trusted importer, exporter and dealer. Dedication, commitment to quality service, high level of professionalism and product dependability and competitive prices are reasons that underlie our success in the auto industry. We are providing superior quality automotive parts, gadgets and accessories internationally; Our company has been distinguished as one of the most established auto parts trader. We have a team of professionals fervently working to give you a complete and most competitive line of automotive parts and the best customer support as well.Our company upholds its commitment to serve all your car parts needs by continuously replenishing our stock and by continuously improving our services. Over top rated car parts, gadgets and accessories are available in our comprehensive inventory, covering parts for all makes and models, both domestic and imported vehicles. Colourful Rich Limited auto parts is truly a notable name when it comes to availability, dependability and affordability of high standard replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories.We also involved in car scrapping business and import and export of local and imported cars and their engines. It is our customer’s satisfaction over our auto parts and services that always inspires us to do better in this business. We build mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by giving them large selection of premium car parts, gadgets, accessories and engines at competitive prices. We offer wholesale prices on all our quality imported and local cars so you are guaranteed greater savings

  • Trusted by millions of people
  • We offers lowest spare parts prices & stress free financing
  • Offers auto maintaining services for all customers for lifetime